Tax and Finance Bookkeeping

We are available to offer you consultation on all matters concerning the operation and organization of the following:

• The organization of your bookkeeping system

• Recommendations of software and hardware solutions for your business

• The reconciliation of bank statements

• The recording of your business activities

• The installation of automatic functions to simplify bookkeeping

• To establish a double entry bookkeeping system,
   including that for accounts receivable and payable

Depending on the size of your company, we can independently interface and prepare tax and financial
reports with DATEV software.

Payroll Accounting

Concerning your employees, our office will, by request, handle all personnel bookkeeping
 with the use of “LODAS”, a program by DATEV, so that you receive regular updates on the following:

• Monthly wages and salary statements

• Wage tax notifications and social insurance contribution receipts

• Automatic paycheck preparation